How to generate OVF file and import to vSphere client.

Working with Virtual Machines (VM) – VMware workstation and vSphere client

Part 1: How to generate OVF file and import to vSphere client.

In this article you will learn:

  • This will be series of articles which will cover different areas of working with VM.
  • This particular article will help to generate VM when you are trying to migrate from VMware workstation to vSphere client.
  • This article will show how to generate OVF file.
  • And how to deploy OVF file to vSphere client.

Problem Statement:

You have ISO file and VMDK file, and want to create OVF file.

The Background:

Now a days, people love to use vSphere client rather VMware workstation. VMware workstation uses ISO and/or VMX to create VM. But vSphere client needs OVF file, which can be deploy and create VM.

Explore this:

Phase 1: Create OVF file-

  1. Open VMWare workstation.
  2. Select the VM for which OVF file needs to be generated.
  3. Go to “File” menu of VMWare workstation and choose option “Export to OVF”


4. Choose target directory for export and wait for completion.

Phase 2: Import OVF file-

  1. Login to vSphere client.
  2. Click on “File” menu and select option “Deploy OVF template”.


3. Browse the location of exported OVF and click OK

4. Wait for a while to get it complete.

Print this article:

Working with Virtual Machines

What next:

In next article will share how to increase size of disk of VM. Till then happy reading.

Nirbhaya Bhava!!


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