Error when Starting Eclipse: 64 Bit on Windows 7- 64 Bit

Problem: Error occurred while starting eclipse 64 Bit on Windows 64 bit.


  1.  Failed to load the JNI shared library “C:/{some library}/bin/client/jvm.dll”`.
  2.  Java was started but returned exit code 13


Quick Solution:

  1. Download correct JDK and eclipse for windows 64 bit.
  2. Make sure all installation goes in “Program Files”.
  3. Correct the PATH variable for Java.
  4. Update the eclipse.ini for following value-


Explanation and Points to Remember:

  1. Eclipse looks for working and compatible java, which is specified above in step 4.
  2. Remember, irrespective of OS bits, eclipse and JDK must be of same bits only. Obviously OS bit should be higher or equal to JDK and eclipse as well. For example: You can not set up 64 bit eclipse on 64 bit OS using 32 bit JDK.
  3. Download JDK6 (or the JDK version on which you want to run) from JDK download. Select top most hyper link- at this time it is Java SE Development Kit 6u45. Accept the license agreement click to download 64 bit JDK as marked in red—Image
  4.  As well concern to the folder name convention, X86 is representation for 32 bit windows.
  5. While installing JDK make sure default installation directory is “Program Files” rather “Program Files (x86)”.  And if it is not you have downloaded 32 bit JDK.

Hope this solves the problem. If not just let me know your problem through comments or mail.

Happy Reading.

Nirbhaya Bhava!!



  1. I had faced the same problem. And finally i have found that the problem occurs when
    1. You have installed the jdk 64 bit.
    2. You are trying to run the 32 bit eclipse. (The 32 bit eclipse is incompatible with 64 bit jdk).

    Solution: Install the 32 bit jdk / run the 64 bit eclipse version.

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