OOPS vs. OOP – What “s” stands for?

In this article:

  • Explores the meaning of OOP and OOPS.
  • At the end of this article you will be able to differentiate OOPS and OOP.
  • This may be part of your interview question on Design pattern.

The background:

This is most common misunderstood short form related to object oriented paradigm. If somebody asks which paradigm you use or on which paradigm Java works. We generally answer it as OOPS or OOPs. And here we do mistake. Also this came as a conundrum when interviewer asked to my buddy what “s” stands for.

Explore This:

First grab the full form, then I will explain it further—

Differentiate OOPS and OOP
Differentiate OOPS and OOP

Oops!! Yes. This is the sound you must whisper. Well OOP you already know, following is the definition of OOPS (actually oops – not in CAPS)

Definition of oops

Yes this is official definition of oops.

What Next:

So next time, to break the awkward silence between you and another developer, you have got a nice    topic to break the ice.

Printable Doc:


Happy Readings,

Nirbhaya Bhava!!!



    1. Thank you Rohan for replying this.
      I don’t deny your statement directly, because it’s common misconception about OOP.
      Just put OOP in google search and hold the results then put OOPS and see the difference.

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