Spring – The Context: ApplicationContext vs. BeanFactory

This article describes the difference between ApplicationContext and BeanFactory in Spring framework.

– BeanFactory is recommended for lightweight framework like — Mobile and Applet.

– BeanFactory is core component of Spring IoC container.

– As ApplicationContext extends BeanFactory so ApplicationContext is more powerful than BeanFactory (like AOP, Internationalization etc.)


–          You can configure your beans in the Spring IoC container through XML files, properties files, annotations, or even APIs.

–          Container reads these beans by using BeanFactory (or ApplicationContext)

–          Let’s say you define the beans in XML file, say applicationcontext.xml.

–          Now BeanFactory has to read applicationcontext.xml to load the beans in container.

–          For this BeanFactory needs an interface that can provide the xml file o BeanFactory.

–          This interface called resource object.

–          Sample:


–          In case of ApplicationContext, the resource object is implemented internally, so as use We don’t  need of resource object.



Hope this will clarify the basic difference.

Happy Reading,

Nirbhaya Bhava!!

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